Alga Based Mask
Alga Based Mask Hydrating and Moisturizing 保湿滋润 Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia. Suppliers, Supplies, Supplier, Wholesale | Dermaviduals Malaysia ~ Singapore
Cooling and smoothing the skin
Intensive care.
Composition   Active agents from alga in a mineral matrix, which forms a flexible film with water.
Properties   Hydrating and smoothing mask with actives of alga spirulina maxima.
Application   The mask powder is mixed with water to a paste and applied to the skin. The mask solidifies after a short while and can be removed after 20 minutes as a flexible film.
Active agent concentrates and base creams are applied underneath the mask.

Alga based mask


  • 保湿
  • 平滑肌肤
  • 增加肌肤弹性
  • 在涂敷面膜前使用精华素,可以增加精华素的吸收

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