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Refreshing tonic with moisturizing cucumber extract

Use after cleansing and before applying serums or face mask.

Composition   Aqueous dispersion with cucumber extract, humectants and panthenol.
Properties    Smoothing and refreshing preparation for the application of skin care products after skin cleansing.
Application    The tonic is applied in circling motion onto the cleansed skin. Follow up care with DMS®-base cream, active agents can be added depending on specific needs.
To use :
  • Apply this smoothing and refreshing tonic after skin cleansing. Spray the tonic onto face, gently patting it until fully absorbed. Suitable for all skin types.
Conditions of use & warning :

  • Moisturizing, smoothing and refreshing effects, aslo increasing the skin’s receptivity for follow up care such as serums and base cream.
  • For skin treatment only.
  • Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.
  • Any symptoms of irritation, rinse with water.   
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