Wrinkle Serum
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Para cress extract causes a visible smoothing effect
Composition     Liposome-containing para cress extract with amino acids.
Properties   Para cress contains spilanthol (N-2-Isobutyl-2,6,8-decatrienamide). Spilanthol reduces the muscle contractions of the mimic facial lines, and its relaxing influence causes a visible smoothing effect. The amino acids contained support the smoothing process by effectively retaining the skin moisture. In addition to that, the combination of the native liposomal phosphatidylcholine with DMS®-components adequately provides the skin with barrier substances. Although spilanthol belongs to the effective agents, i.e. the effects are only felt for a certain period of time, it can be applied as a long term treatment due to the above mentioned characteristics.
Note: Spilanthol is also contained in echinacea extract however in less concentrated form.
Application   Additive to the DMS®-base creams.
Local skin treatment by applying the pure concentrate.

The active agent concentrate should be applied sparingly to the skin similar to dabbing in an ampoule product.

 To use :
  • Apply on skin day and night after toning.
Conditions of use & warning :
  • Reducing finelines, promotes visible smoothing effect.
  • For skin treatment only.
  • Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.
  • Any symptoms of irritation, rinse with water
Anti Wrinkle Serum
  • 藉由舒缓皮肤肌肉来预防脸部表情纹,立即性的平滑皱纹和细纹 。
  • 直接使用在脸部和颈部,以得到最明显的效果。

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