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Care of sensitive and dry skin 
Moisturizing and repairing
Composition   Provitamin B 5 (panthenol) in aqueous solution.
Properties   Panthenol is a provitamin of the vitamin B complex. It increases and regulates skin hydration by improving the hydration capacity (moisturizer) and supports the regeneration of the skin and specifically, the cell formation. Panthenol has a smoothing effect on the skin. Among others panthenol is transformed to pantothenoic acid (constituent of coenzyme A).
Application   Additive for DMS®-base creams for sensitive, rough and dry skin.
Local skin treatment by applying the pure concentrate.
The concentrated active agent should be applied sparingly to the skin similar to dabbing in an ampoule product.

  • 帮助皮肤组织修復丶促进细胞新生及补充养分。
  • 重建皮肤中水分,维持皮肤的水嫩柔软,创造健康有弹性的肤质。
  • 适合所有肌肤使用。

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