Tinted Day Cream
Tinted Day Cream Acne / Oily Congested and Blemish Skin  Mineral Skin Care Makeup 彩妆 Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia. Suppliers, Supplies, Supplier, Wholesale | Dermaviduals Malaysia ~ Singapore
Revitalizing beauty balm
Tinted cream for sensitive and blemishes skin (airless dispenser)
Composition   dermaviduals® tinted day cream with ivory shade consists of mineral pigments, emollients and wrinkle-reducing peptides.
Properties   dermaviduals® tinted day cream is a tinted revival balm. It promotes an even shade and smoothes the skin by action of the peptides. The intensive care results from ricinus oil, jojoba oil and medium-chained triglycerides.
Application   Applied in the morning after Sun Cream .

  • 再生修护霜,敏感性肌肤适用的润色产品

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